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Michał Figura

cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist

I am a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist undergoing postgraduate training at the CBT Center - EDU school certified by the Polish Society of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy. I obtained my master's degree in psychology at the University of Warsaw. At that time, I also gained knowledge in the two specializations that interested me the most: Psychotherapy and Clinical Neuropsychology.


I gained my professional experience in Warsaw - at the Military Medical Institute, the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, the SPCSK Hospital, the Wola Mental Health Center and the Academic Psychotherapy Center.


In my therapeutic work, I try to provide a sense of security to people who are struggling with difficulties. I will calmly listen to what you come to the meeting with and together we will move in the direction of your goal. I am a tolerant person who approaches everyone with respect and openness. Your experiences and your point of view are important to me. Together we will develop the best strategies for dealing with challenges so that you can leave therapy with skills that will be useful to you. 


Additionally, I base my therapeutic practice on continuous improvement of my skills through participation in training and regular supervision. Knowledge of the latest methods and knowledge about psychotherapy is my priority to provide my clients with the most effective and up-to-date help. 


Apart from psychology, I am interested in cars, especially old ones. I am a person with a sense of humor. I love animals and I am a nature lover. 

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