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Katarzyna Rociek

 certified cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist

Master's degree in psychology, certified cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist (certificate no. PTTPB 1290, European certificate no. EABCT 97) with great curiosity about other people and a great sense of humor.


I gained psychological knowledge during uniform master's studies in psychology (Psychology in English) at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. During my studies, I also managed to spend a semester in the United States, where I expanded my knowledge at New York University (NYU) in New York. I graduated from the four-year Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy School at SWPS University, accredited by the Polish Cognitive and Behavioral Psychotherapy Association (PTTPB). In the meantime, I also completed the first level of Solution-Focused Therapy (TSR) training.

As a psychotherapist, I approach each patient individually, carefully listening to their previous experiences and life stories. The principle of collaborative empiricism, characteristic of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, is very close to my heart. Together with the patient, we wonder how to break his dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behavior that cause discomfort and reduce his quality of life. In the office, I try to create an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, and be an empathetic companion on the journey aimed at the patient's personal development and overcoming his difficulties. During therapy sessions, I am not afraid to use humor as an effective therapeutic tool,  e.g. to draw the Patient's attention to cognitive distortions (thought distortions).


I gained my professional experience during internships (Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology: Clinic of Neuroses and Eating Disorders, Synapsis Group: internship program of the Psychologist and Psychotherapist's Vademecum), volunteering (The POMOST Association) and in working with people with intellectual disabilities in the Warsaw Circle of PSONI.

In the years 2017-2021, I worked as a penitentiary psychologist and diagnostician in one of the Warsaw Remand Centers. Currently, I also work as a psychologist at the Psychiatry Clinic of the CMKP Bielański Hospital.


In the work of a psychologist and psychotherapist, it is very important to develop one's competences and expand knowledge, which is why I constantly supplement my knowledge by attending various thematic training courses in the field of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and schema therapy, as well as by participating in conferences.

Her work is subject to constant supervision by a certified PTTPB supervisor.


In my free time, I like to leave Warsaw to discover new places in Poland and abroad, release energy at rock concerts, practice astanga yoga, or relax in the company of a good book and my furry companions: Janusz the cat and Rorschach the dog.


“Cognitive therapy aims to relieve psychological tension by correcting misunderstandings. By correcting false beliefs, we can quell overreactions.”.

                                                                                                               Aaron Beck

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