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Karolina Golec-Staśkiewicz

cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist

I am a psychologist and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist undergoing training at the CBT-EDU center, recommended by the Polish Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Association. I graduated with a master's degree from the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw, where I am currently working on my doctoral thesis. In my research work, I analyze the brain mechanisms of our functioning in social interactions. 


I gained professional experience, among others: at the Psychiatric Ward of the Mental Health Center  in Słupsk and in the Clinical Neuropsychology Laboratory at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. Currently, I work as a psychologist at the Psychiatry Department of the Bielański Hospital. I also participate in research projects involving various groups of patients. 


During our cooperation, in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance, patients deepen their knowledge about themselves and develop skills to improve the quality of their lives. In my practice, I only use tools whose effectiveness has been documented by reliable scientific research.


I constantly expand my competences by taking part in courses, training and conferences in the field of mental health.

I subject my work to regular supervision.


I fill my free time with meetings with my loved ones, preferably over good food. I relax at the cinema and at concerts

and on the go. I am also the guardian of a lovely cat, Miśka.

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