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Hanna Żółcińska - Buyukbayrak

systemic and psychodynamic psychotherapist

Master's degree in psychology, systemic psychotherapist, after completing a four-year course recommended by the Polish Psychological Association and organized by the Systemic Psychotherapy Center in Krakow.  I work in a systemic and psychodynamic approach.

I obtained my psychology education at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Warsaw. I completed two specializations in parallel, gaining knowledge in the field of working with families and children: Clinical Psychology of Children and Youth and Applied Educational Psychology. I completed my studies by examining the regularities of identity development during adolescence and obtaining teaching qualifications. During my studies, I cooperated with the Second Side of the Lustra Foundation, conducting classes at the children and adolescents ward of the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw.

After graduation, I completed a one-year internship in the "Good Parent - Good Start" program run by the Empowering Children Foundation. During the internship, I gained practical knowledge in supporting families and educational institutions and co-led workshops for parents of children up to 3 years old. Then I worked in three kindergartens in Poznań and Warsaw supporting children's development, conducting counseling for their parents and workshops for teachers. and parents. 

In parallel to gaining professional experience, I started a four-year School of Systemic Psychotherapy in Krakow, preparing for individual and family work and further certification in the Polish Psychological Association.  During the psychotherapy school, I completed a one-year family therapy internship at the Mental Health Clinic for Children and Adolescents, Masovian Neuropsychiatry Center in Warsaw. 

After the internship, I got a job there and I still work there today, conducting individual therapy sessions for children over 12 years of age and family consultations. 

In my therapeutic work, I accompany patients in crisis, learning about their family context, individual experiences and goals. Metaphorically, we get into a boat together, the goal of which is to reach the shore together.  The therapy is a careful examination of weather conditions, the condition of the boat, the bottom, signs and the shore - the port to which we are sailing. To get there, I enter into a relationship with the patient, caring for the safety of the boat and its crew. 


In addition to my therapeutic work, I am the coordinator of the Assisted Living in the Warsaw city project "Independent at home - Independent in the community" in the field of social assistance and I work in a Social Welfare Home.  

For many years, I have been participating in scientific conferences and courses expanding the therapist's knowledge and work skills. I am regularly supervised by supervisors accredited by PTP.

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